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Common Questions

Hours and Pricing

What do I get for an hour of time?

This one's common. Most of the simple designs we do require an hour of development. Simple meaning: a main header image (with or without text), handful of images, a few paragraphs, and a couple buttons.

How do you determine the hours for a project?

A consultation of course! Depending on your website provider, it may take a little more time to work around limitations within your software. A consultation is the first step to assess your needs.

With hour bundles, can I use them whenever?

Yeah you absolutely can. Our team will log time for your project and any remaining time can be used whenever you'd like. You can also fill up your "hour bank" for longer term designs.

Refunds and Support

I hate my design, can I get a refund?

We dont get this one - ever. But if we did, we'd try and tweak the design to the best of our ability to ensure you are happy with it. We dont typically offer refunds due to the nature of code being open source.

My design disappeared. Can you restore it?

Mistakes happen. If you sign up for our dirt-cheap subscription of $5/mo, we can restore your design (as it was when it was completed). If you're not on the subscription, it's out of our hands unfortunately.

If I need a little revision, will you charge me?

We're not monsters. If the revision is minor in nature and takes our team less than an hour to complete, we will absolutely do it for you. Why? Beacuse we appreciate your business and want to continue working with you.

Referrals and Subscriptions

Subscriptions suck. Why should I subscribe?

Well, we made ours optional and super cheap. What you get for $5/mo is piece of mind knowing that your design and code is securely stored in addition to unlimited minor revisions. Its a win win.

Can you kick me back free developement time for a referral?

We don't advertise much so most of the folks we work with were either a referral or someone found us organically online. We'd be more than happy to give you (2) free hours for a valid referral that purcahses hours.

Money's tight and I want to cancel. How can I?

Send us an email and request to cancel. We'll complete your cancelation immediately. Refunds will not be provided if you choose to cancel a day after your subscription renews. Instead, your subscription will end at the end of the billing cycle.